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With the company mantra of “Our success is only a reflection of our clients’ success”, their clients must be doing very well if AMG’s success is anything to go by. Winning Customer Commitment and Engagement (Outstanding Achiever) this year for Brokerages and Advisories, it is clear their customers value AMG’s commitment and sound investment advice.

Arnold Yeung, Chairman and CEO, and the rest of the team from AMG Financial Group accepting their awards.

Arnold Yeung, Chairman and CEO, and the rest of the team from AMG Financial Group accepting their awards.

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“Staying focused and being consistent in delivering our ever-improving customer centric services are the key strategies of our company,” said Arnold Yeung, Chairman and CEO for AMG Financial Group, when discussing how AMG has managed to win Customer Commitment and Engagement four times, once in 2010 and then each year since 2013. “By leading and communicating with our management, our advisers and supporting staff understand the importance and value of our key strategies. The understanding and commitment of our staff is vital in executing these strategies effectively.”

“As we aimed to execute these strategies with profound results, substantial investment in enhancing our customer focus CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, betterment in operational processes, and advocating internally our “Customer First” culture are the core missions in our business,” said Yeung. Using a broad suite of technology and analytics, AMG has been able to effectively capitalize on recent trends amongst customers to be more proactive in their decision making processes on wealth management as well as the rise of FinTech across the entire financial sector.

At AMG, we believe in being a lifetime financial partner to our clients. Since the company was established 16 years ago, we have stayed true to that ethos.

AMG has further leveraged technology to increase the ease with which its clients can manage and keep an eye on their investments through online platforms that allow them to grow their wealth no matter where in the world they may be, an important service in today’s world of high global mobility for HNWIs. “Our online platform facilitates our clients to obtain the latest monthly market commentary as well as their latest account valuation reports. It supplements the traditional way of face-to-face communication between advisers and clients. Meanwhile, we would send an e-card to our clients on their birthday or festive events to keep building up relationship with them that ensure sufficient client touch and improve customer engagement throughout the years,” said Yeung.

Global Reach

AMG also has a broad selection of services available from wealth management, succession planning, retirement planning to all types of insurance. This nimble and dynamic company is able to offer these services through its partnerships with over 50 multinational firms, including many Fortune 500 companies, spanning the globe.

All of these service offerings are coupled with a thorough pairing process of clients with particular advisors. “Based on the requirements and profile of the client, a dedicated adviser with appropriate experience and background will be appointed by the company to provide professional financial planning services to the client,” said Yeung. “By continuing in providing client-focused services to the client, a trustworthy relationship with closer intimacy will be built up between the client and the adviser.”

AMG also makes sure that clients are given all the attention they may need from their advisors, important in maintaining a proper relationship with clients and ensuring trust is kept. “The number of clients that an adviser generally look after may vary and the most important thing is to ensure our professional financial planning services are conducted with each of our distinguished clients throughout all stages of their life as we consider financial planning is a life-long process.”

According to Yeung, part of how AMG achieves these close and valuable relationships with clients is through the Customer Value Management (CVM) system, which has resulted marked improvement in the overall customer experience. This system assists in helping AMG advisors to share suitable product choices for their clients to choose from in order to cater the client’s financial needs.

Trusted Advice At the heart of their success in customer satisfaction and trust is a deep commitment to employee training and recruitment. “One of the successful factors of a financial advisory firm depends on the talent of its financial advisers and that’s why the commitment to uphold and support the standard of our advisory team is so important.”

“We arrange seminars and workshops with themes like international financial markets overview, risk management, and retirement planning for our clients regularly in order to encourage more interaction between the clients and AMG. We welcome suggestions and feedback from our clients and our goal is to keep our clients abreast of our knowledge and the benefits of the ever-evolving financial planning industry,” said Yeung.

AMG has also enjoyed great success in other awards ceremonies in Hong Kong. One of these awards, which they have won every year since 2009, is the “Hong Kong Most Valuable Company” as well as a slew of other awards.

“The ethos that drives AMG comes from the commitment to our clients. At AMG, we believe in being a lifetime financial partner to our clients. Since the company was established 16 years ago, we have stayed true to that ethos.” BM


Arnold Yeung

安柏環球金融集團主席兼行政總裁 楊學超


安柏環球金融集團(下稱安柏)相信:「有了客戶的成功,才有我們的成就」。安柏的成績,正好反 映在客戶的非凡成就上。安柏在今年理財中介及顧問組別中奪得「承諾顧客及參與度傑出表現獎」, 足證客戶們都珍視安柏的承諾及優越的理財建議。

安柏環球金融集團主席兼行政總裁楊學超指 出:「一向以來,我們公司的核心策略是要 為客戶提供精益求精的服務。」當談及安柏 如何分別在2010、2013至2015年四度奪得承 諾顧客及參與度大獎時,他表示:「我們的 管理團隊透過分享與溝通,使理財顧問及後 勤支援同事理了解並認同公司的核心策略。 團隊的理解與投入,讓我們執行策略時更加 得心應手。」

楊學超亦表示:「為了讓這些策略發揮 預期效果,我們投放大量資源開發客戶關係 管理系統(CRM)、改進運作流程以及在公 司內部強調『以客為先』的企業文化。」安 柏更與時俱進,應用一系列科技及分析工具 主動提供更迅捷有效的專業財富管理服務, 以及跟上金融科技(Fintech)在金融界全面 興起的大趨勢。

安柏亦通過技術開發,讓客戶們可以應 用網上平台,隨時隨地檢視投資。對經常環 球穿梭的高資產值(HNWIs)一族來說,這 項服務尤其重要。楊學超說:「透過我們的 網上平台傳遞訊息更加快捷,讓客戶可以隨 時閱讀每月最新的市場評論以及他們最新的 賬戶價值報表,從而彌補傳統依靠顧問與客 戶間面對面接觸的不足。與此同時,我們也 會在客戶生日及節日期間,發送溫馨電子賀 卡,以保證全年與客戶緊密接觸,並增加客 戶參與度。」

“ 對客戶的專注是安柏 不斷向前的原動力。 在安柏,我們相信客戶是 我們的終生財務夥伴。”


安柏旗下服務項目非常廣泛,包括財富管 理、財產承繼策劃、退休策劃,和各類保險等 等。該公司充滿活力又適應力強,通過夥拍 全球超過五十家包括多家位列《財富500強》 的企業來提供這上列服務。

要妥善提供優質服務,實有賴夥拍適合 客戶的顧問:「公司會根據客戶的需求,為 他們匹配一位具備合適經驗與背景的專屬 顧問,提供專業的財務策劃服務。」楊學超 又指:「通過持續的專注客戶服務所需, 我們就可以在客戶與顧問間,建立最密切 的信任。」

安柏亦非常重視顧問團隊,以全面照顧 客戶的任何需要。這是與客戶維持親切關係 的關鍵。「每一位理財顧問所照顧的客戶數 目不盡相同。重要的是,我們必需確保客戶 在其人生的每個階段,都能享有最專業的理 財策劃顧問服務。我們認為,理財策劃是一 生的過程。」

楊學超透露,安柏能與客戶維持緊 密的關係,應歸功於一套客戶價值管理系 統(Customer Value Management system (CVM))。這系統在改進客戶體驗上成就顯 著,可讓理財顧問因應客戶之財務需要,提 供合適的財務產品選擇。


安柏能取得客戶的極度滿意,全賴盡力改進 僱員培訓及不斷完善徵聘制度過程:「一家 財務策劃企業的成功,實有賴財務顧問的才 能。所以我們認為,全力提升及保持我們顧 問團隊的水平,實在極為重要。」

楊學超補充說:「我們鼓勵客戶與安柏 交流更緊密,通過定期安排各類講座,如: 涵蓋國際金融市場展望、風險管理、以及 客戶退休策劃等。我們也歡迎客戶給予各類 建議與回應,希望從中讓客戶緊貼我們的 專業知識,且從不斷發展的財務策劃行業 中受益。」

安柏亦在本港其他頒獎禮當中屢創佳 績,獲獎無數,如自2009年起即已連續8年 蟬聯「香港最有價值企業」大獎。

「對客戶的專注是安柏不斷向前的原 動力。在安柏,我們相信客戶是我們的終 生財務夥伴。自公司十六年前成立伊始, 我們堅持著這份信念,一路走來,始終如 一。」 BM

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