In order to ensure the fairness of this competition, this year we will be accepting online submissions only to ensure participants focus on the content of their submissions, rather than the design and fancy layouts.  Participating companies shall submit answers to the core pillars of the scoring principles with no more than 250 words for each pillar.  Contestants can upload supplementary documents and materials through this online submission system.

There are three distinct stages to the awards process:

Stage 1: Shortlisting of finalists

Online submissions, together with any accompanying materials, will be read and scored by the BENCHMARK’s Editorial Committee. These submissions of the short-listed finalists will then be sent to the judging panel for assessment. Applicants may be asked to send in further supporting materials for stage two of the judging process.

Stage 2: Top 3 selection

The online submission of the shortlisted finalists for applicable categories will be reviewed and judged by the panel of jurors. The jurors will also take into consideration each applicant's “Brand Popularity Index”, where applicable, and their ranking among their peers within the same category. The scoring will be weighted as follows:

  • 60% merits and quality of the submissions
  • 20% jurors’ own discretion based on experience and professional opinions
  • 20% references to social opinions through the Brand Popularity Index

Announcement of the top 3 finalists will be made on Tuesday, August 21, 2015.

Stage 3: Best-In-Class and Outstanding Achievers selection

The highest scoring applicant with a minimum 80% average will be named the Best-in-Class and the next two highest scorers with a minimum 70% average will be named Outstanding Achievers (for applicable categories).

The results will be announced at the BENCHMARK Wealth Management Awards Gala Dinner on November 25 2015.

Entry has now closed.